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Look at our SMC, BMC and CF-SMC raw materials.
High strength, electrical insulation, burn delayer.


SMC is a semi-finished product which is consisting of glass…

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BMC is a bulk shaped material which is consisting of…

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Literatur Kimya has made a new type of composite from…

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In military and logistics warehousesIn hangarIt can be used as…

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Product Features

Dealing with all kinds of harsh conditions


Lighter than metals

Weater Resistance

Resists against any lights from the Sun (include UVs) and resist acid rains, snow and oher powerful weather situations.

Quality look

Usable with original color

Low thermal transmittance

It blocks heat coming from the sun and stays cold.

Highly Strength

Glass fiber, carbon fiber structure and high resistance against impacts and corrosion

Chemical Resistance

Resistant to many chemicals used in daily life


affordable Price

More cheap than alternative materials


It doesn't give damage like steel at crush



Chemical structure developes as non-burnable.

Now, there is a new roof system. LITERLINE

Meet the roof system that does not require column support used in aircraft hangars.

Makes from SMC & BMC

Produced with our raw materials

Tree Grate

With Nice Hand

Traffic Poles

On Modern Chair

Sidewalk Bumps

On Blue Background

Gasmeter Cover Box

Choose One

Electrical Component Box

Red One With Strav


On Grey Wall

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