Easy and quick installion
Low cost
High durability
Flammability resistance (DIN 4102 – B1)
Chemical resistance
Weather resistance
Wind and snow resistance
Expandable and portable
Indestructible in the earthquake
Structure without columns
Up to 20 meters wide and
Desired length

We are here with our flameproof product that you can choose in your home, business, facility or even ovine, bovine or poultry.
  • As house garage
  • In military and logistics warehouses
  • In hangar
  • It can be used as tent in sports facilities.
  • Straw storage area

* Loads and combinations in accordance with the 2016 Steel Structures Regulation were used in the static analysis of the building.
* Snow load is taken as 75kg/m2 according to TS-EN 1993-1-3 Chart MA.1