SMC is a semi-fineaper and higher quality solution for production material.

The time and pressure of moulding can change  depending on the dimessions and the type of SMC.(Our client are provided with technical support)

Continual glass fibers are choped 25-30 mm and used in a propotion of %50 of the weight of composite. (It can change depending ond the demand of
clients.) Their resistance to chemicals (including solvents) and to heat is perfect. Their absorption of water is fairly low. They are superrior to most of
polymeric maretials in that they are  lighter than metal and they are not affected by corrosion.

Our compounds has a 150 cm laying width and 3mm – 4mm thickness and could be shipped as rolled or outspreaded depends on the demand of the client.


Why SMC ?

  • – High performance
  • – High quality
  • – Low cost
  • – Easy to process